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To ensure good service to all customers, your privacy is important to us.
No names, identification and registration details are required.
It is important you understand the comply with some rules and regulations of TAIYO.

Rules and Regulations

1.  As soon as you arrive, knock on the door and wait to be attended.

2.  Is Japanese tradition put off the shoes before entering in the house , for this reason our clients have to leave your shoes in the allocated area near the entrance.
Our guests will have to leave their footwear at the allocated area near the entrance.

3. Footwear in the shower room is not allowed.

4.  To keep the spa a sanctuary of tranquility and relaxation, please respect the quiet and privacy of the other spa guests by refraining from talking aloud and using electronic equipment while at the spa.

5. To ensure privacy, any form of cameras is not allowed in the massage rooms.

6.  If you wish to charge your phone, please approach the manager to assist you.

7.  The spa is non-smoking facility.

8.  Turn off your phone and keep in your locker.


1.  Reservations by phone have priority.

2. Online reservations will only be accepted with advance. Make sure in your country has no restrictions on the e-mail server. If you not receive response, contact us again or check your Internet Server.

3.  Please arrive at the spa at least 10 minutes before the appointment time. Delayed arrival may result in reducing the time of your massage course. Avoid causing inconvenience to other customers because of delays. Should you be expected to be late, please contact us earlier to adjustment your schedule.

4.  Please note that for all appointments made, the spa will wait for the customer for a maximum of 15 minutes from the appointment time. Beyond that, the spa will give the slot up for other customers. Thus please help by contacting us at least half an hour before, should you be late for the appointment or wish to cancel it. Your reservation will be automatically canceled after 15 minutes of delay without contact. In case of delay or change of schedule, let us know immediately.

5.  Advanced booking is recommended to ensure your preferred date and time of treatment.

6.  For massage courses exceed midnight, extra fee of 2,000 Yen will be charged.
Please make your reservation by telephone before 22:00.


1.  We can accept payment by credit card, but the discount coupons
    will only be accepted for payment by cash.

2.  Tips is not Japanese culture, You can give tips but is not obligatory.

3.  All prices are described in our menu. No extra charge
    except if overcome the time of massage course .

Courses & Prices
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